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Enochian Manifestation - enochianmanifest.com

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Enochian Manifestation - enochianmanifest.com

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Magick Rituals Banished the… 



Magick Rituals Banished the… 



It was a cold, dark miserable night, well past midnight.

It was a cold, dark miserable night, well past midnight.

The temperature had dropped to a bone-chilling 38 degrees. 

Homeless… digging in trash cans for anything to eat… sleeping on park benches in New York City.

As I slept on the cold, wet park bench…

I became instantly awake.

I had heard a footfall. 

Someone was coming… a wave of intense fear hit my gut. 

Frantic. Scrambling out of my sleeping bag. I grabbed my backpack and ran for cover. 

Cowering behind some wet bushes and shaking uncontrollably… I prayed to God he would not find me… 

Inside me my Instincts told me, this time… My luck had run out.

Pain filled my head as a strange man grabbed me by my long, brown hair… and dragged me out of my hiding place.

Viciously he threw me down on the park bench… grabbing my throat with one huge hairy hand… squeezing hard to force me to stop struggling.

He held me down… as I helplessly let him have his way with me.

I called to my Guardian Angel.

“Please… please help me!”


The light was so sudden and so bright it scared the man and he rolled off me…

He grabbed his undone pants with both hands and ran away.

Relief hit me so hard… It left me weak.

As I laid there, grasping, taking in big gulps of air… I touched my throat and felt intense pain where he had choked me.

A few minutes later as my heart beat had slowed… my weakness faded. 

I sat up… Slowly the Bright Light faded away… 

I bowed my head in prayer. I thanked God it was over. 

A homeless woman who was kind to me…

And told me… If I was attacked by a man…Not to struggle or scream. Just squeeze your eyes shut and pray until it is over.

I never thought anything this bad would ever happen to me.

I knew in my heart my Guardian Angel had scared the bad man away. 

This was one of the most terrifying nights of my life, little did I know the attack was the turning point that forced me to have the courage to get off the streets. 

A little over a year ago my life had turned upside down… 

COVID hit with a vengeance.

Then a horrible tragedy struck… 

My husband thought it was all my fault.

No matter how hard I tried I could not get another job.

The verbal and physical abuse from my husband got so bad…

Kicked out of my home… by an ex-husband who could care less about me.

My family wanted nothing to do with me either. 

They were strict Catholics and did not believe in divorce. 

My Mother and Father all thought the divorce was my fault…

That I had failed in my wifely duties to my husband.

To them I no longer existed.

All I knew was… No one wanted me. So with nowhere to go…

I wandered the streets, hungry, cold and alone…

I was homeless, deeply afraid, and wandering the slums of New York City. 

Being homeless is a horrible way to live constantly afraid, always cold and hungry.

The ONLY THING I knew for sure was my Guardian Angel had not abandoned me.

I could not stop the nagging thoughts from spinning in my head…

Why had God let all these bad things happen to me? 

What had I done wrong to deserve this?

God did not answer my prayers.

It all happened so quickly…

No Family. No Money. No Home. Alone.

I was abandoned by everyone I had loved… no one would take me in… 

No job, no money, and nowhere to go.

Sleeping on ice-cold park benches…

Huddling in roofed doorways when it rained…

Racked with hunger from never having enough to eat… 

Standing too close to a trash barrel fire scorched my skin trying to get warm. 

Deep down I believed I deserved this.

I had lost my unborn baby, my husband, my home, my job.

My mind was stuck in a whirl of negative thoughts that I deserved all this bad stuff. 

I never thought I was a terrible person but deep inside me, I thought I must be.

Shivering with cold, feeling all alone and miserable sitting on the ice-cold park bench…I desperately wanted to cry…

Suddenly the harsh words of my Mother crossed my mind…  saying in my head… “Crying never helped anything…” 

I had no strength left in me for worthless tears. 

I felt hollow and dead inside.

Wrapping my wet sleeping bag around me as best I could I huddled down inside it.

I hugged my arms around me to get warm.

As the shock of the attack set in, I could not keep the hurt in anymore.

Big salty tears rolled down my face… 

A wave of deep despair came over me. 

There was no one to hug me. No one to dry my tears…

No one to offer comfort. 

I thought nobody would give a damn about what had happened to me. 

If I told a cop about the attack on me there was nothing they would do. 

Homeless women say it happens more often than they want to admit.

They see this horrible abuse only as a way to get a little money for food.

I thought I suffered alone, until I met my Angel.

The moment I thought those words… a wave of comforting warmth hit me… 

Somehow I knew my Guardian Angel was watching over me.

My Guardian Angel would stand by my side to comfort and take care of me.

I wiped my tears away with my dirty coat sleeve.

Suddenly a calming voice started speaking to me, I could hear it inside my head.

I knew my Guardian Angel was speaking to me.

She was telling me something dark and sinister was near me.

Something BAD had drawn that man to find me and harm me.

I shuddered clutching my sleeping bag… I could not sleep for fear it would come back!

The next morning as the sun rose warm and bright…My Guardian Angel told me I had suffered enough. 

It was time I ended this nightmare but ONLY IF I BELIEVED I COULD.

As I made a solemn vow and said these fateful words aloud…

“I am never going to suffer a horrible attack like that ever again!”

A brightly glowing light from a Heavenly Angel appeared and said…  “If you stay on the streets evil, vicious and hurtful men… WILL FIND YOU AGAIN!”

“The Demon is sending subconscious messages to LET THESE MEN KNOW…“YOU are a VICTIM” – and THEY WILL FIND YOU and HURT YOU! 


After the words of that dire warning were spoken… the bright light slowly vanished.

I called to my Guardian Angel to come back!

Could what my Guardian Angel said be true?

That all the bad things that had happened were because of my negative thoughts?

Are my bad thoughts bringing Bad Karma to me to hurt me?

I knew in my heart, if I didn’t change my “victim mentality”… This horrible nightmare attack would happen again and again. 

If another attack like last night happened to me.

I could not bear it. I would be so despondent.

I swore I would jump off the bridge and kill myself.

 “I Knew The Demon” Had Caused IT ALL!

The Demon sacrificed my child and caused my miscarriage…

The Demon forced me into a deep and lasting depression…

The Demon caused my poor work performance so I lost my job…

The Demon made Josh abuse me so I was forced into a nasty divorce…The Demon kicked me out of my home so I became homeless!

It could happen to ANYONE. EVEN YOU!

When I think back to a little over a year ago… before COVID hit…


People always said I was the prettiest girl at high school.

Good-looking guys always wanted to date me. 

That’s why Josh was so proud of himself when he got me to marry him.

The day after I turned 18, I married Josh, my childhood sweetheart.

I thought everything was perfect. 

In my heart I knew, I could never love any other man, like I loved Josh. 

We had the perfect “story-book wedding”…

I was a beautiful blushing bride in a long white lacy wedding gown.

He was so handsome and debonair in his tuxedo. 

I will always remember saying our wedding vows, to love, honor and cherish.

It was a funny thing but I noticed Josh had a hard time saying his vows.

My fears about Josh’s love faded away…

When Josh sweetly kissed me I felt his kiss all the way to my toes.

All our friends were there. Our parents wished us well.

Josh decided we would go on a weekend hotel honeymoon.

He told me he was not going to waste his hard-earned money on a honeymoon trip.

He had convinced me… We needed to save our money so we could buy a home.

Josh sternly told me, to be very careful not to get pregnant. Or it would ruin his dreams.

He wanted to wait to have a family until he got a better job and we had enough money.

Our first couple months were heavenly bliss.

He had dreams of building me a new home, so we rented a tiny two room house.

My job as a secretary didn’t pay much…So Josh worked two jobs to save money for our new house.

I loved being a homemaker and wife to Josh.I remember nights of making love – these nights were the stuff of a woman’s dreams.

I thought Josh would be thrilled to be a father.

I was so happy when I told Josh I was pregnant.

At first he was speechless…

Then his face got all red and he started yelling at me.

We had the worst fight ever, even the neighbors next door could hear!

Josh stormed out of the house. He got stinking drunk and did not come home that night. I never knew where he stayed the night. 

In a fit of rage during the divorce he told me he had sex with my best girlfriend!

He never did apologize to me.

Overnight Josh radically changed. 

From that day on, Josh would yell at me for the littlest thing. He knit picked at everything.

At first, I thought it was my fault. I said I was sorry and I promised I would do better. 

Josh would give me a dirty look with a mean sneer on his face.He would rant and rave he gave up everything for me.

As my pregnant belly grew he said things to put me down. He would say mean and hurtful things like…

“I had ruined his life by getting pregnant!”

“He wished he had never married me!”

“I was too dumb to not get pregnant!“

“I would never learn how to treat him right”.

After hearing his hateful words I would tearfully apologize to him. 

Nothing I did was ever right.

No matter how hard I tried…

As my belly grew larger, the abuse from Josh went from bad to worse.

One night when we were having a big fight, I yelled back…

“My getting pregnant was partly YOUR FAULT too!”

Josh grabbed me by the arm and twisted it. He yelled at me…

“I’ll SHUT YOU UP!” 

He viciously slapped me across the mouth. 

When he let me go I FELL DOWN. I cried out in fear and pain. I NEVER thought Josh would ever harm me!

My lip was bleeding so I ran into the bathroom to get away from him. 

As I pressed a washcloth to my mouth all I could think was…I should have NEVER said anything! 

I told myself Josh loved me. He did not mean it. He just got angry and carried away. 

I should have never back talked to him.

That was the night the physical abuse started.

A few weeks later he hit me again and I got a black eye.

As I held a bag of ice to my black eye, I had to face the devastating truth. The man I loved and married was long gone!

Josh had turned into “A DEMON!”

Back then I did not know a “The Demon” was attached to Josh.

But later, when I could speak to my Guardian Angel she told me the truth.

The Demon made Josh angry and forced him to say spiteful and hurtful words to me.

The Demon made Josh hate me for getting pregnant.

The Demon made Josh verbally and physically abuse me.

I had thought The Demon attached to me the night of the attack in the park… 

The Demon attached to Josh had other demon spirits too!

My Guardian Angel told me this shocking truth…

The Demon attached to me right after I got pregnant!

No wonder all these horrible things had happened to ME!

A Demon is attached to ANYONE who has a lot of “bad luck”.

I had lost my child, lost my job, lost my husband, and lost my home.

Deep down, I believed I was destined to be homeless for the rest of my life. 

I didn’t know if I had Bad Karma bringing me down in this life…

Or if it was because I had lost all faith and favor with God.

I racked my brain trying to figure out why God gave people a “perfect life”.

Why did God give a person a loving partner, a good job, and a warm and safe home? 

What had I done that had been so wrong to deserve this unending punishment?

Why did God make me suffer so?

The next day I trudged to the back of two greasy burger joints in a desperate search for some scraps of thrown out food. 

When I saw huge padlocks on the bins to keep the homeless out…

Something inside me broke. 

I just couldn’t take any of it anymore!

I felt betrayed by all I had been told to believe by my Catholic teachings… 

That God would always be by my side to take care of me and save me.I cried out in righteous anger to God… I screamed out loud!

“God Damn IT! I do not deserve to live the rest of my life this way! 

“God why did you leave me?

“Why did you abandon me?”

I was so weak from hunger I fell down next to the filthy trash bins.

I blubbered like a baby, crying my…

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All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Enochian Manifestation – enochianmanifest.com is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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