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LeptiTrim Special Offer

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LeptiTrim Special Offer

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Although this photo with my newborn twins and loving husband   of 8 years – was – at the time – one of the happiest and most fulfilling moments in my entire life – it was also – unfortunately – the start of a weight gain nightmare that crippled my physical and mental health, self-confidence, and energy – to the point where friends I’d run into that I hadn’t seen in years didn’t even recognize me!

And although those painful memories are difficult and humiliating for me to tell – I thank God each and every morning for what happened next.

Because what happened next led me to a weight loss journey – that I believe not only changed my life – but I believe it could very well change millions of other women’s as well – and hopefully – even your own.

I feel better than I did when I was 20 – and my sexual health – well… let’s just say that little secret stays in the bedroom.

All of this – while still being able to enjoy all of my favourite foods like chocolate and pasta – and even share a romantic bottle of wine with my husband on our date nights.

And most importantly – this simple, natural exotic mixture – that only takes 30 seconds a day to implement – helped me support my mental health, confidence, energy – and with god’s help – gave me the strength and courage to save my marriage to my loving and supporting husband Matthew – and be the mother that I always dreamed about being – one that my children can proudly look up to – and can count on for many more years to come.

And as unbelievable as my journey still feels to me – it all comes back to a 30 second morning exotic mixture that I was so blessed and forever grateful to have discovered from a very unexpected source.

And as you’ll soon learn – I’m here today not only because of the personal responsibility and desire I have to share this with each and every woman who is struggling with excess weight – but also to fulfill a special promise I made to the very person who revealed this discovery to me. 

Listen – before we go any further – let me assure you this has nothing to do with pre-packaged diets, weird berry bills, silly exercise machines, or any other fad the diet industry is trying to advertise to us women.

And more importantly – it’s definitely not about starvation diets and excessive exercise – which, from my experience, will inevitably drive you into emotional distress –  leading to binge eating, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, metabolic damage and other eating disorders.

This is something completely different than anything you’ve ever seen before.

However – this does have to do with how this simple and completely natural exotic mixture – helps trigger an amazingly powerful – yet virtually dormant metabolism boosting hormone in the female body that controls almost everything to do with fat-burning for women.

Which I know may sound far fetched for you – but I promise it’s not – so just keep watching.

What’s even more unbelievable is that this very hormone that lies virtually dormant in your body – is the very reason why when you were an adolescent you could eat almost anything you wanted to – yet were slender and lean – with seemingly endless amounts of youthful energy.

The common mainstream diets and exercise fads followed by millions of women today – may actually be blocking this dormant hormone’s effectiveness that much more.

Simply put – this dormant hormone may be the root cause of our struggle with our weight.

And when we don’t activate and restore our bodies ability to use it  – then losing weight can seem impossible no matter what you eat or how many endless hours of exercise you do – as I know all too well.

Hello, I’m so glad you’re still here with me.

My name is Nubbia Stirling   – and what you may not believe to be true is that for years before the birth of my twins – and my rapid weight gain – was that I was a published fitness model, personal trainer and coach for many years.

So, yeah, talk about an embarrassing fall from Grace.

And even more so – my loving husband Matthew – was a professional bodybuilder with a long list of nutrition and exercise credentials.

We always believed that weight gain was only associated with eating too much and exercising too little.

And when my weight gain struggles began – we were both in utter disbelief that what always worked for me before – seemed to be making everything even worse now.

However, what we didn’t know – and what I’ll be sharing with you in the next few moments – is that for women – once we get above our late teens to early 20’s – is that eating too little – and exercising too much – not only doesn’t address the true root cause of our weight gain – it can make it even worse

And what lead us to this?

I’m not sure if it was fate – our prayers – or just plain good old luck.

But just as I started to accept that I would never be skinny or fit ever again – my husband Matthew accepted a new position as an influencer manager at a nutrition company – and at that very company – he met his new co-worker who opened up our eyes to the drop dead simple and incredible fat-burning discovery for women that changed our lives forever.    

His name is Dr. David Gundermann   – and beyond holding a PHD in Nutrition and Metabolism from the University of Texas Medical Branch – a Masters in Human Performance from the University of Florida

As I mentioned earlier – my weight gain struggles were impacting much more than just my health & wellness

In-fact, they were also destroying our marriage.

And even though I knew that my husband loved me for who I am on the inside – and not what I look like on the outside – I knew deep down that my lack of energy to even go outside with him for a romantic hand-holding walk – or my lack of confidence to even cuddle up with him while we watched our favourite tv shows – and every other crummy side effect that was a consequence from my struggles with my weight – was in so many ways – literally tearing our marriage apart – and I felt so guilty deep down inside of me because of it.

And then one sunny summer day, it happened – I hit rock bottom.

That morning, while getting ready for the day- and discovering yet another pair of pants were fitting a little too tight – I decided to face the truth and see where my weight was at.

I instantly felt an overwhelming feeling rush over me when I stepped on the scale and it read an all time high of .. ready for it? 181 pounds.

One hundred and eighty-one pounds.

I was at a loss for words.

Here I was doing everything I thought was right – yet I just passed the 180 pound mark!

I knew what I was doing something wrong

I had to get this unhealthy and life-draining weight off at all costs before it had gone too far!

The next day, my husband was explaining my situation to his co-worker, Dr. Gundermann

After lunch, Dr. Gundermann pulled Matthew aside. He wanted to know more.

Matthew explained everything to Dr. Gundermnan.

He let him know that I was doing everything I knew about diet and exercise.

I was weighing my bland and boring food.

I was spending hours on the treadmill.

Yet absolutely nothing seemed to be working.

As Matthew would later explain to me – It was like a light bulb went off inside of Dr. Gundermann’s head.

He looked at Matthew, put his hand on his shoulder, smiled, and said “let Nubbia know that her struggles with her weight, well… tell her not to be so hard on herself – It’s not her fault.”

Now listen closely and stay with me – because this is the most important part of the presentation.

“Matthew, the science is as clear and undeniable as it gets.

There is one hormone that controls almost everything to do with fat burning for women – Leptin.

You may not know exactly what leptin is or how it works – so let me quickly explain.

Leptin is a naturally occurring hormone made by our fat cells – that signals our brain to increase thyroid hormone production and our metabolic rate.

It also curbs our appetite – and keeps us from overeating by telling our brain that our body is full.

Simply put – high levels of leptin speed up your metabolism, keeps you active, and signals your body to burn fat – while low levels of leptin – slow down your metabolism, preserves energy and signals your body to eat more food.   

Now get ready for the true reasons that men and women burn fat very differently.

Researchers recently discovered that women naturally have up to twice as much leptin in their bodies, compared to men.

At first glance, that may sound great.

However, it’s not – and here’s why.

Women can be up to three times less responsive to leptin than men are.

Basically, women’s brains are numb to leptin’s signal.

True, they have an abundance of it – but they’re not using it for its fat-burning potential.

Which leads me directly to the second unique reason your wife’s current strategy to burning fat and keeping it off – is so tough to sustain

You see, popular mainstream diet and exercise plans – like the one she’s following – are designed with calorie suggestions that are too low – and cardio durations that are too long.

And what that means is that whatever fat-burning potential she had at first – would then be cut in half after the first week of diet and exercise – and if she continues – it gets even worse each and every day that goes by.

Which is exactly why so many women experience frustrating weight loss plateaus.

And it’s also the reason why so many women experience a weight gain rebound once they’ve stopped their diet.

You may have heard of it referred to as the Yo-Yo effect.

Your weight starts to go down – and then it goes back up even quicker than it came off.

And Matthew, in your wife’s case – it’s likely her metabolism is now slower than when she started trying to lose the weight – resulting in all of this excess fat she’s gained – even though she’s basically starving herself on nothing but salads.

So to quickly recap Matthew.

Unique problem #1 women face when trying to burn off fat is their fat burning switch turned off.

Unique problem #2 women face is that they follow popular mainstream diet and exercise programs that aren’t geared towards their needs, abilities and limitations.

These two unique problems create a never-ending downward spiral that becomes nearly impossible to break.

Are you beginning to see why burning fat – and keeping it off – is such a struggle for your wife, and millions of women just like her?

It doesn’t matter how much motivation and drive she tries to have to move more and eat less – her brain is literally telling her to do less and eat more.

And if you’re wondering why women are genetically predisposed to leptin resistance – here’s why.

Evolution has made it much more difficult for women to burn fat by keeping the leptin signal less efficient in order to allow the weight-gaining demands of childbearing and child nurturing.

Their DNA is simply hard-wired to carry extra body fat to provide stored energy and warmth to ensure protection and survival of their offspring.   

Plain and simple – evolution doesn’t care about a woman’s desire to fit into those old skinny jeans from high school – it has other plans.

And if you’re wondering what happens to women’s leptin issues after pregnancy – like your wife’s after her recent birth of your twins – well, the bad news is they get a lot worse – which is why losing that baby weight has been a struggle for millions upon millions of other women.

A woman’s brain is literally hard-wired to tell them to move less and eat more – like those late night junk food cravings your wife struggled with that you were telling me about earlier.   

Yet, this is where everything gets really interesting.

Remember earlier I mentioned how women have roughly twice as much leptin as a man?

That means women already naturally possess so much more fat-burning potential. It’s already within them – just waiting to be let loose -and rev up their metabolisms.

And the good news, Matthew???

I know exactly how to make that happen.

It was then that Dr. Gundermann discretely took my husband into his office – pulled out a dusty red file folder from the back of his cabinet – and handed it to him.

He instructed Matthew that inside this file was research that he uncovered   while finishing his doctorate at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

And within it – contained a list of various nutrients and the amazing fat-burning potential that happens when combining them together in the correct amounts – first thing in the morning – something he referred to as nutritional synergy.

Dr Gundermann instructed Matthew that he was not to share these secrets with anyone but me because he was bound in legal non-disclosure agreements – and if this information leaked to the public – he could not only lose his job – but also be liable for financial damages and more than likely would have to spend the next few years fighting off high priced corporate lawyers – that would inevitably take everything he had.   

He made Matthew…

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All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

LeptiTrim Special Offer is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

Originally posted 2022-10-03 15:50:18.

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