My Chronic Kidney cb | Blue Heron Health News

My Chronic Kidney cb | Blue Heron Health News

Product Name: My Chronic Kidney cb | Blue Heron Health News

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My Chronic Kidney cb | Blue Heron Health News

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Finding out I had chronic kidney disease – CKD – was only the start of it.

Realizing that CKD is really difficult to treat… and that it inevitably gets worse was shocking.

I faced ending up on a dialysis machine. Hoping and praying for a suitable kidney donor.

And losing years off the end of my life because with CKD… there’s no way out.

As my doctor showed me, all this has now changed. CKD is not the life sentence it once was.

And as I found out myself, he was absolutely right. Today chronic kidney disease for me is a distant memory..!

Take a look at this and I’ll explain.

Want text version instead of video? Here is simplified transcript…

I used to believe that once you had chronic kidney disease then that was it… you were pretty much stuck for life.

I thought there was not much you could do – except tweak it as best you can and hope to goodness that it didn’t get worse.

Maybe you’ve heard the same.

I really believed it too.

But I don’t any more. 

Because of something my doctor showed me I now know there’s an awful lot you can do to manage CKD – and what you can do turned out to be literally life-changing.

CKD isn’t a life-sentence

I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease – CKD – just over 2 years ago.

My doctor explained that there is a number of reasons why we get CKD. But it was always caused by something else that was already going wrong in the body.

Diabetes, heart disease, various cardiovascular diseases, being very overweight and so on. They can all cause CKD.

High blood pressure was the cause of my CKD.

Your CKD may have a different cause. But the result is the same.

My doctor told me that chronic kidney disease can’t be tackled directly. Instead, doctors address the diseases that cause it in the first place.

Which, for me, meant tackling my blood pressure problem.

It might be a different fight for you depending on what’s causing your own CKD.

But whatever the cause, the strategy is the same: alleviate the problems of the CKD itself while addressing the underlying disease that is causing the CKD in the first place.

Unfortunately, using standard methods CKD can – and often does – get progressively worse. As it gets worse it becomes a significantly more threatening disease.

There was no way I could just accept that. No way.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to accept it. I did something else instead.

Which has meant that these days I can’t remember what CKD even feels like anymore.

But before I jump ahead of myself, let me make this important point.

My doctor taught me something very worrying about CKD.

The disease has 5 stages. Stage 1 is the mildest.

Stage 5 is as serious as it gets.

Stage 5 can shorten a person’s life by many, many years.

You do not want to reach stage 5. 

My CKD was at stage 3 when it was discovered. Most of us only discover our CKD when it’s already well underway.

The danger here is that CKD gets progressively worse. Doctors find it very difficult to halt CKD’s progress into stages 4 and then 5.

At stage 5 you are plugged into a dialysis machine. You hope and pray for a suitable kidney donor so that you can squeeze some more years out of life… before finally succumbing. 

Dialysis machines and kidney transplants were not for me. 

I didn’t care that other people coped with being strapped to a dialysis machine for hours on end four or five times a week.

That’s them. It’s not me.

And I didn’t care that, for people lucky enough to find kidney donors, better transplant techniques meant that they weren’t dying so quickly afterwards. 

As far as I was concerned… once you reach the kidney dialysis machines and transplant stage your days are numbered.

I had – and still have – many years of life ahead of me.

And I wanted those years to be healthy, happy, enjoyable.

Not ill, diseased… watching my clock run down.

I felt very low, to be honest.

My doctor gave me the standard spiel: we can handle the symptoms, we can try to address underlying causes… with the right meds you could lead a fairly normal life. And so on.

I told him this wasn’t good enough. I didn’t want my life cut short with a disease that – at least officially – had no way of being reversed.

I didn’t want to watch myself deteriorate week by week. I didn’t want to be plugged into a dialysis machine. I didn’t want a transplant.

And I didn’t want to die early.

I was very upset. I didn’t know what to do next.

But I didn’t want to just do nothing.

I’ve known my doctor since college. He’s a trusted friend. He told me to come back at the end of the day and we could go for a coffee and a chat.

He had something important to tell me.

Well, what my doctor told me that afternoon was jaw-dropping.

He described how he’d witnessed five of his own patients treat their chronic kidney disease to the point that they now experienced none of its symptoms.

Here’s the thing: they had first treated the underlying cause – the condition that gave rise to their CKD in the first place. That had led to the melting away of both that condition’s symptoms and their CKD symptoms.

Which was staggering. We’re talking about diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, obesity here…

He wouldn’t claim they no longer had the disease – professionally he’s not allowed to say that yet. Tests are still taking place, official verification is required – that takes years to complete.

But when one of his own patients attempted an alternative health approach to his chronic kidney disease…. and by all measures, succeeded… my doctor couldn’t ignore that.

The effects weren’t temporary – they lasted.

My doctor explained that conventional medicine was still testing these new remedies. But ordinary people had jumped straight in and had been applying them for some years.

No drugs, no hospitals… and the results were fantastic.

I was excited and nervous when I heard this. But everything we discussed that day I went on to prove to myself.

But before I jump ahead of myself let me tell you what else my doctor told me.

We’ve always known that CKD is caused by other conditions: diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, too much excess weight and so on.

So it makes sense to tackle those conditions if we’re to address CKD.

Doctors tackle those conditions either by significantly reducing their effect on our bodies… or by successfully reversing them completely.

This much has been well understood for a long time.

We also know another vital element of the story: that the conditions I listed above – diabetes, high blood pressure and so on – are often the result of low-level, ongoing inflammation in the body.

Those conditions are either made worse by this ongoing inflammation – or, more often, are directly caused by it. 

Finally, we’re well aware that the inflammation itself is mostly caused by a faulty immune system.

In other words, our immune system is being triggered way too often.

Which leads to ongoing inflammation… which in turn overwhelms our bodies and creates damage throughout.

So… a faulty immune system… leads to widespread inflammation… which leads to one or more of the diseases mentioned. Which leads to CKD.

This is the pathway to disease.

But what causes the faulty, malfunctioning immune system in the first place?

What’s that initial trigger that sets off the whole thing?

That has always been a mystery. Yet if doctors could find out how to stop the immune system from malfunctioning then the inflammation, the disease and the CKD… all goes away.

In the last few years scientists finally found out.

The immune system malfunction that causes your chronic kidney disease comes from problems in the gut.

We now realize that, incredibly, most of the western world’s major killer diseases begin in our guts.

This one insight has changed forever how scientists now tackle disease.

And this isn’t theory, by the way. It’s not guesswork.

It’s heavily researched, scientific knowledge.

When we’re talking about your gut we’re not talking about bloating or stomach ache or anything like that.

We’re talking about the fascinating environment within your intestinal tract.

That environment – also called the microbiome – contains trillions of fantastically useful bacteria.

We’re used to thinking of bacteria as being harmful. But over 90% of the bacteria in a healthy gut perform functions that keep you alive. 

They do things for you that your body itself simply cannot do.

When healthy gut bacteria dominate our guts – and unhealthy gut bacteria are kept to a minimum – we are at our healthiest and happiest.

When this balance is disturbed we get ill. If it’s disturbed for long enough, we get very ill.

Here are just a few functions gut bacteria carry out for us:

Good bacteria literally keeps us alive. So we need it to be in the best shape possible.

If the number of good bacteria are reducing then bad bacteria gain an upper-hand in your gut.

Given enough time the damage they cause to your body can be bad, then severe – then fatal.

Conditions that are directly linked to poor gut health include:

Recognize anything on this list?

If you have even one of these then your gut health either has a major hand in it or – in most cases – your gut health is the actual cause of it.

Remember the pathway to disease we mentioned a moment ago? We understand that pathway now:

Poor gut health leads to immune system malfunction… which leads to low-level inflammation… which leads to one or more of the above diseases. Which then leads to CKD.

By the way, if you’re a Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) sufferer who has been told that your diabetes is for life because its cause is unknown… that story is currently being rewritten.

Consider this from a 2018 white paper:

Recent evidence shows that altered gut bacterial composition is highly associated with T1D and, thus, targeting gut microbiota may serve as a therapeutic potential for T1D patients.

‘Pathogenesis’ simply means ‘the development of the disease’. The scientists here are suggesting that the therapy for Type 1 Diabetes is to target the state of the sufferer’s gut health.

Or this from a 2019 white paper:

Among the included studies, 24 articles confirmed the association between gut microbiota dysbiosis and T1D.

‘Gut microbiota dysbiosis’ refers to imbalances in the environment of the gut. Here, the researchers have confirmed that the state of the gut is associated with Type 1 Diabetes.

Dozens of heavyweight scientific research papers are reaching the same incredible conclusion.

Researchers aren’t allowed yet to claim that repairing gut health successfully eliminates T1D – even though the evidence points convincingly in that direction.

But gut health is heavily implicated in T1D – in the same way that gut health is now known to often be the only cause of all the other conditions I just mentioned.

It’s this insight that is now leading us into startling – yet very simple – remedies for western society’s most deadly diseases.

Get those gut bacteria healthy and everything that was going wrong – including CKD – starts going right again.

But what causes our guts to become unhealthy?

There’s no doubt at all about the causes: it’s our lifestyle choices.

‘Lifestyle’ simply refers to the usual suspects: stress, sleep, fitness and diet.

Which, at first sight, all seems pretty bland and dull. We’ve heard all this before.

But now it’s very different. Because now scientists understand the direct link between what we do… and how we get disease.

Poor lifestyle habits slowly ruin our gut health. They decimate good bacteria – allowing bad bacteria to thrive and expand their deadly effects.

Our gut environment becomes less helpful to us… and steadily more deadly.

Which makes it inevitable that, in time, we will end up either very ill or fatally ill.

The damage that bad habits do to our gut bacteria is almost the entire reason we are tired, ill, overweight, suffer low moods and struggle as we get older.

We say it’s ‘age’ that causes disease. That’s absolute nonsense.

It’s the slow and steady neglect of our gut health that causes disease. We do it to ourselves. We don’t mean to. But it’s what we do.

Poor lifestyle habits are the primary reason (for millions of us, they’re the only reason) we contract western society’s worst diseases – heart, blood, liver, kidney…

Your basic lifestyle habits directly and dramatically determine whether you’ll be ill at all.

And if you will be ill those habits determine which illnesses you’ll get – and how they will play out over the long-term.

Take heart though. This knowledge is, literally, life-saving.

We’ve now discovered at the deepest level why we get ill.

Which means we can get well again.

Simple, specific changes to some daily habits are now ridding people of a whole array of horrible conditions.

There is a right way of doing this, of course. It’s not simply a matter of ‘eating healthily’ (whatever that means) or ‘getting more exercise’ (which not all…

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