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The Amazing Widget

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If you feel like an idiot when it comes to raking
in AUTOMATED traffic and income like the heavy hitters…

This single letter is about to change
everything for you.

trust me, you’ll
feel like a genius after hearing my story.

…And obviously I don’t mean dumb as in ‘stupid’.

talking foolproof.  Any newbie, skeptic,
failure, or even self-proclaimed idiot has the potential to make a very
serious, monthly income with my groundbreaking viral traffic

guarantee this is completely unlike anything else you’ve seen

tell you ALL about it right after my true story and inspiration behind
the software, and quickly train you in on how it
works so that you can get started immediately.

fact, you could be getting traffic and commissions in minutes from
now.  That’s how exciting this is…

was the last person you’d ever think would make it
big online – a true ‘dark horse’…  Just a regular dude,
without a degree, working in hard labor shops and factories doing
whatever grunt work needed to be done.

I’d often come home drenched in sweat, with
splinters and blisters in my hands from sorting and stacking
wood.  And the nasty fumes from the glues we used were enough
to kill brain cells!

having to
show up for that kind of work every day… early
mornings… sometimes working the night shift… with forced overtimes…
working for a boss that went off on me if I made even ONE
mistake.  It was insane.

At my lowest point, I was laid off the day before
Thanksgiving.  I ended up living off credit for months while I
struggled just to find another dead end job.  I was married at
the time and had a family to support, so the stress was crazy.

and Tired Of Beef Stew!

had enough.  I was sick of coming home late from work,
throwing a can of Dinty Moore beef stew on the stove because dinner had
come and gone, only to repeat the same torturous process every single
day.  Living from check to check.  Working my butt

somebody else rich.

So finally, I made a decision to take
action.  And not only take action, but
follow through.  Did you know that the definition of
“insanity” is to expect different results while repeating the same
action?  I knew that if I wanted to change my life, I had to
do something different…

I decided that whether I failed or not, I was going
to put together a plan, and follow through.  Oh sure, I’d had
plenty of good ideas and plans in the past, having tried everything
from MLM to wholesaling, but I never followed through from
start to finish on one single stinkin’ idea!

…It was a vicious cycle.  I’d get all
pumped up about an idea, get started on it, and then somewhere in the
middle I’d lose faith and move on.  Didn’t matter how good the
idea was.  Something more enticing would come along, and I’d
drop the current plan.

So from that moment on, I essentially forced
myself to follow through on whatever venture I chose to pursue.

I couldn’t believe what happened next (I ended up firing


The Day
I Had To Fire ‘Poor Steve’…

I starting thinking of ways to make money online.  I knew
other people were doing it, so I actually just began copying what they
did.  People at the time were selling “ebooks with reprint
rights” online, so I started doing the same.

Although very skeptical at first, I soon realized
that making money online is just another venue, like mail order, or
selling stuff in a retail store.  Why would a person be able
to sell stuff like crazy with mail order, but not over the
Internet?  It’s basically the same thing.  Duuuuhhh!

…What can I say?  I admit I was an idiot
when starting out online.  Dumb as rocks.  I didn’t
even know how to post a picture online…

success came fast once I figured out my
formula.  I applied the principles to the next couple sites I
created, and literally within months I was able to walk in and tell my boss “Steve”
goodbye forever!

…Oooohhhh man was he
mad.  Essentially, I fired HIM. 
Hah!  It was a great feeling, though I sorta felt bad for
him.  I knew that he worked hard to make his meager 15%
profits in the manufacturing business, while I was sitting at home
making 100%, automated profits selling digital
products online.

I was even making money while I slept, waking up to
an inbox full of sales and commission notices.  Exactly
like the stories I’d been hearing about (and had been skeptical of)
before I experienced it for myself.

Bought Myself A Sports Car As A Reward…
For Paying Off My Home Mortgage!

life changed completely.

My online business grew like wildfire, and I was
“suddenly” able to pay off my 5 bedroom, 4 bath, 3,400 square foot home
in Lakeville, Minnesota.

A really nice home!  Paid off in
under two years.  Can you imagine the

I’m not saying all this to brag.  Just
letting you know what is possible online.  I mean, this is
REAL life.  Not some fantasy.   I was a
factory worker of all things. I don’t have a
degree.  I even hated computers at one point.  This
is the absolute last thing on earth I ever thought I’d be doing.

Believe me I’m just as surprised as anybody.


The proof is in the pudding.

realize you’re probably still skeptical.  While anybody can
make up anything and I’ve been seeing a LOT of crap and even outright
lies online – especially over the past few months – my
factory to riches story is 100% true.  Of
course, being that it was even hard for me to
believe the kind of success I was having at first, I certainly can’t
blame you for raising an eyebrow.

while it’s not “undeniable proof” of income, following are some REAL
screenshots of my merchant accounts.  The ClickBank
screenshots were even verified (by ClickBank)
before they approved this site.

these are just some of my results, with
hundreds of thousands more not shown here…

This is a
recent screenshot from my account, actually just one of
my many income streams online…

Me Logging In To A ClickBank
Account I Just Opened Recently…

Through My Account…

This is a
screenshot from my merchant account for a membership site
I run…

S9,572 In My Joint ClickBank

From My Rarely
Used PayPal Account…

Honestly, I
hardly even know where all this money comes from anymore.  It
just seems to roll in from recurring sites and promotions I’ve done in
the past.  More bonus money…

Here’s more
income, from a site I do not have to touch at all.  Totally
automated.  I have somebody that handles support. 
And a “big name” affiliate that even promotes it for me.  Easy

My Paid
Off Lake Home…

love this picture!  One of my favorite places on
earth.  My lake home on Stony Lake, rated as the third
clearest lake in Minnesota.  The bass and walleye fishing is
AWESOME here…  Btw, it’s all paid off…  Can you
tell I hate mortgage payments?

‘Little’ Reward For Paying
Off My *Other* Home…

Well this is
kind of bitter sweet.  This was my “baby”, the car I bought
myself when I paid off the mortgage on my home in the cities (different
from my also-paid-off lake home above), but my ex got this when we
separated.  So now I’m stuck driving a BMW M3 (I know, poor me

I’m into enjoying life, spending time with my daughters, and helping
others achieve the kind of success they’ve always
dreamed of.  I was in your shoes, and I will never forget
“where I came from”.  Helping others is what this
site is all about.

My Own Dad Started Making
6 Figures Online With My Help…

Despite all the success, the thing I take the most
satisfaction in is helping others succeed online.  My dad
retired early, in large part because he had a nasty, oppressive boss
and work situation that he couldn’t handle any more.  So at
the age of 60 he was left with no job and little income.

So I asked him if he wanted to do something
together with me online, and he was up for it!  I came up with
a hot product, “plugged it in” to the same formula I used for my other
six figure sites, and partnered with him 50/50 on the whole
thing.  We both contributed equally in different ways, and I
trained him in on the Internet marketing side of things as we went

BOOM!   That
single site enabled him to buy fancy new cars (the first ever), pay off
the rest of his mortgage, and make more than double the salary from his
old job.  It was (and IS) awesome.  Drawing on the
experience from that site, he now has his own weight loss site and its
an incredible resource.

Number Is 952.831.5839.

…That’s my
dad’s actual number just in case you’d like to phone him up and verify
with him EVERYTHING I’m saying here is the absolute truth – right down
to being a lowly factory worker and plastic fabricator.

Some of the people I’ve trained
have gone on to become millionaire “gurus” themselves.  People
like Ewen Chia and Russell Brunson
have been paying members of another popular marketing site of mine and
have since gone on to become online superstars.

You’ve probably heard the old Zig Ziglar quote
about being able to get everything you want in life, by helping others
get what THEY want.  But have you actually put it into
practice?  Well I have, and it works.

Helping others change their lives online is by far
the most rewarding part of all this.

My Most Radical And Effective
Online ‘Traffic And Income Getting’
System + Software To Date!…

my family wasn’t the only one to take notice of my rags to
riches success.

I had friends, relatives, and even friends of
friends who wanted in on the action.  I mean, even my own
(awesome!) accountant, who already has a very successful accounting
business of his own, often asks about getting something started online
when I meet with him.

My girlfriend, who works in medical records, wanted
in too.  Nothing against bosses, but she too
had a cruel boss named Michelle, who basically picked on her for no
reason.  (I personally believe that it was because Michelle
was jealous of how smart and beautiful Jessica is,
but that’s another story!)

Now, no offense to immediate friends and family,
but my desire to help others make serious money and achieve the
Internet lifestyle, extends far beyond them.

tired of hearing about people struggling online.  People who
are getting scammed and lied to left and right just so yet another guru
can line his pockets.  Good people who want a better life for
their family.  Or even people who just need extra cash.

That’s what led to my burning desire to finally
‘invent’ a system that virtually anybody could
plug in and succeed with.  Regardless of experience level.

…A system that once in place
GUARANTEES you hands off traffic and affiliate income more quickly,
easily, and simply than ever before possible.

again, I
took action.  Exactly like back when I was
stuck working in a sweaty factory.

The difference is, this time it’s your
life that could be radically changed.  If you TOO
are willing to take action.

What I Came Up With
Will Blow You Away!

But first it’s
important you know that it has nothing to do with:

Search engine optimization

ANYTHING you’ve been hearing about.

Nor does it have anything to do with:

…or anything remotely close.

It’s not about creating your own product. 
It’s not about cheesy taters (sorry couldn’t resist).  And
it’s sure not about private label or reprint rights products, as much
as I love ’em.

I can promise you this is like nothing else you’ve laid eyes on. 
And frankly, that may be a strange concept with all the rehashed
courses and software coming out left and right lately.

what the heck IS it already?!  O.K. enough

The Amazing Widget System!”

My programmer and I designed
The Amazing Widget System (AWS) from the ground up, specifically to
serve as the ultimate fool proof, guaranteed traffic and
commissions system.

I’m talking caveman simplicity.

if you and
I were face to face, with an earnest look I’d be imploring
you to make the most of this opportunity while you’re here and have the
chance.  For your own benefit.

But obviously I can’t do that.  So here’s what I’ll do instead…

I’m going to let you in on exactly
what this SHOCKINGLY powerful system and software can do for you, and
then let you have full access to it absolutely risk free!

Sound like hype?  Well I guess it would
be, if not for a brilliant idea to begin with.  Years of
multi-million dollar marketing experience. Months of strategizing with
my genius programmer.  And even some plain
old dumb luck.

Check out these MEGA traffic and income
benefits that have swarms of people clamoring to gain access:

Once in
place, you can generate UNLIMITED hands off viral traffic
that continues to grow and spiral out of control.

Realistically have thousands
and TENS of thousands…

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Click here to get The Amazing Widget at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Amazing Widget is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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