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Trouble Spot Nutrition

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Do you know the specific hormone responsible for YOUR body’s most stubborn fat? Keep reading to find out the exact foods you need to eat to STOP hormone related fat storage year after year…

On this very page you’ll discover the EXACT hormone imbalance responsible for your MOST “stubborn” trouble spot fat along with the EXACT foods you need to avoid (and the foods you eat) to “deactivate” your body’s fat storing enzymes.

And WHY the answer you have been searching for has been hiding in plain sight… right inside in your fridge, your cupboards and your pantry!

Weight Watchers is arguably the most popular and successful weight loss program in the world. People from all backgrounds and ages use these types of calorie counting programs with varying degrees of success.

These programs can help you lose your initial easy to lose pounds of body fat but I can promise you that they WILL NOT remove the hard to lose trouble spot fat found around your hips, low back, lower belly area or back of your arms.

This is because Weight Watchers (and the hundreds of other programs like it) are only focused on one aspect of the weight loss equation- reducing calorie intake.

What they don’t tell you is the world’s most popular diets that have you counting points, measuring all of your foods and scrutinizing the calorie content of every single morsel of food you put in your mouth may help you to lose the first few pounds of the “easy to lose fat” …

You have probably noticed this for yourself the last time you followed a “calories in/calories out” type approach- it works in the beginning for losing a few pounds but quickly stops working or even worse- your weight rebounds leaving you right back where you started (or worse).

I have some exciting news to share with you- if you have tried counting calories or points, measuring your foods using scales and other crazy devices, super strict no carb or low fat diets, magic creams, skin wraps, surgical procedures, diet pills with no success and have been left to believe that shrinking your trouble spots was impossible…

Back when my wife Janet was studying for her nutrition degree she stumbled upon a study from way back in 1956. Researchers were investigating the connection between types of calories that are eaten and the amount of weight gained.

The results were shocking. They compared three groups of persons on calorically equal diets but with different calorie sources. Though the number of calories each group consumed every day was the same, as shown below, the outcomes were very different:

So what does all this mean to YOU anyway?

I always suspected that there was more to losing body fat than simply calories in/calories out and now I had the proof to back me up.

And the funny thing is the proof of this is EVERYWHERE. For example, we all know “that” person- you know, the lucky man or woman who can eat whatever they want and never gain fat.

To be honest- I am NOT that person and neither is my wife. In fact she is quite the opposite. And it wasn’t that long ago when it seemed that EVERTHING she ate ended up on her hips, thighs or tummy.

Janet tried all of the popular diet approaches including low carb dieting and carb cycling but NOTHING worked.

That is until I discovered the reason why this was happening to her and so many others like her- HORMONAL IMBALANCE

And don’t get me started on the differences between how men and women gain and lose fat (this will REALLY tick you off)…

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could determine EXACTLY where fat would come off YOUR BODY first and what you could do to target your worst problem areas instead?

Keep reading and I will tell you how…

When a man gains weight he gains weight in his stomach and love handles FIRST while a woman tends to gain in her hips, butt and thighs.

And when a man loses weight it tends to come off from his chin and face first while most women tend to lose from their chest before any place else.

I am sure you have experienced this strange phenomenon for yourself and you know how frustrating it can be when your boobs and cheeks all but disappear while the fat on your hips and lower tummy doesn’t seem to shrink even an inch.

In fact, there is a simple test you can perform RIGHT NOW to find out EXACTLY how fat will leave your body and where your worst trouble spots are (I
will show you how this is done in just a minute but first I must tell you HOW I discovered this information).

Late one evening while doing some research on hormones for a client I was helping I stumbled upon the scientific works of an English physicist and mathematician by the name of Sir Isaac Newton. Newton’s claim to fame was his discovery of the Three Laws- most notably the Third Law which states:

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.

What this means is that everything you do has a consequence and this includes the foods you choose to eat- the action of eating food imparts the reaction of hormonal response in your body.

I quickly recalled how I had experienced this for myself about 15 years ago when I was struggling to lose the trouble spot fat from around my love handles. I tried everything from counting calories to 1000’s of sit ups and other ab exercises but again-NOTHING WORKED.

That was until I learned about the connection between love handle fat and high insulin levels from a doctor friend of mine. He recommended that I increase my intake of ground flax seed and within 4 weeks I had lost more than ONE FULL INCH from my waist- WITHOUT changing anything else about my diet or lifestyle.

The thing that AMAZED me most was that I had lost fat without a further decrease in calorie intake- something I had been lead to believe was impossible.

This proved to me that there was more going on than “calories in/calories out” and I became obsessed with learning all that I could about hormones and their connection to where you store fat on your body.

I spent the next 10 + years reading books, articles and published studies about hormones and body fat. During that time I also worked alongside Janet in her nutrition practice working with more than 500 clients and discovered something very interesting…

Take off all your clothes (please don’t do this at the office- best to wait until you get home).

Stand in front of a full length mirror.

Pay attention to where your body is storing fat (especially the stuff that is VERY hard to lose- like on the lower part of your butt, saddlebags or love handles). Using your thumb and index finger, pinch some of this “trouble spot” fat.

Pay careful attention to how easy (or difficult) it is to squish this fat between your fingers. Also, take note of how warm (or cool) it feels in your fingers. Repeat this for other areas of your body where you store stubborn, hard to lose fat.

Next, I want you to take another look at your body and locate an area where fat always seems to come off first (like your chin and cheeks or breasts).

Using those same two fingers, pinch some of this “easy to lose” fat. Take note of the texture, temperature and how pliable this fat is in comparison to the fat on other parts of your body.

Trouble spot fat has terrible blood flow and this is why it is cooler to the touch than other fat on your body. Due to this poor blood flow, adrenaline (your body’s main hormone that “breaks apart” trouble spot fat) cannot access these trouble spots to do its fat burning job.

Trouble spot fat is very hormone sensitive and can worsen as a result of high cortisol, high insulin levels, estrogen imbalance, low growth hormone, low testosterone (in men) and high (or low) testosterone in women.

The first thing you will notice is that the fat that is first to leave your body feels different from the more stubborn fat that is harder to lose. Easy to lose fat is;

On the other hand, the spots on your body where you have stubborn, hard to lose fat will feel;

Any one of these FIVE Hormone Imbalances is THE REASON WHY you cannot lose your Stubborn Fat from your Trouble Spots.

My name is Bruce Krahn and I am a best-selling author and certified trainer with more than 20 years experience. For more than 15 years I have been working alongside my wife Janet who is a registered holistic nutritionist. Together we have literally thousands of hours experience coaching hundreds of clients in our private practice in Canada.

We also stay in awesome shape year round- despite both of us having health and hormonal issues that make losing fat very difficult PLUS having super busy jobs and raising our twin boys Tyler and Dylan.

You wouldn’t know it from looking at the picture on the left but Janet has an auto immune disease that increases inflammation and raises’ her cortisol levels (cortisol is a stress hormone known to cause muscle loss and increase belly fat).

When she was first stricken with this debilitating disease she was terrified. The doctors told her she was facing a life filled with painful surgeries and potentially life threatening drug therapies.

We were devastated…she was in terrible pain, her body was losing muscle tone and her stomach fat was increasing at a rapid rate-but she wasn’t ready to give up.

As a certified nutritionist Janet already had a tremendous amount of knowledge about how foods impact the body’s hormonal systems. She decided to use this knowledge to create a nutrition system that would enable her to balance her hormones, heal her inflammation and get her healthy body back.

Using this simple system Janet has been able to keep her hormone levels under control enabling her body to burn fat and regain the muscle she lost during her illness.

The best part is that she was able to achieve this hormone balancing effect simply by making some small changes to her nutrition program that I am about to show you.

But Janet wasn’t the only one suffering from hormone issues, my body was slowly going downhill too. The stress of having twins and starting a new business was taking its toll. As a result, my testosterone levels were cut in half and I was starting to look and feel older than my real age (I am 46).

However, I was able to DOUBLE my testosterone hormone levels using the simple nutrition strategies you are about to learn about.

As you can see, Janet and I both have significant hormone imbalance issues. We also have incredibly busy lives with very little time for ourselves.

There is only ONE REASON why we are able to overcome all of these obstacles and burn off our trouble spot fat- we know how to create nutrition programs that optimize our bodies natural hormone levels- that’s it! And you are about to discover exactly how you can do it too.

Backed by years of research, Trouble Spot Nutrition targets the NUMBER ONE REASON why you and millions of other men and women over the age of
35 cannot lose fat from your hips, thighs, lower abs, love handles, back of the arms and chest- hormonal imbalance.

Trouble Spot Nutrition is specially designed to “TARGET” specific areas of stubborn fat on your body and balances the hormones that are causing your body to store fat in those areas.

You probably believe the theory that stress increases cortisol hormone levels resulting in more belly fat- but this is only partially true. In fact, you may be one of the millions of people who have a very difficult time losing fat from your trouble spots despite having normal levels of cortisol.

Here is the truth about cortisol- inside of your fat cells there is an enzyme called 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-1 or HSD. This enzyme converts inactive cortisone into the fat storing compound cortisol.

When HSD is activated; it will cause people with otherwise normal cortisol levels to store fat in their worst trouble spots.Conversely, an inactive HSD level explains why some super stressed people never gain body fat.

If you are currently eating a healthy diet, getting sufficient sleep and exercising and still have a problem losing trouble spot fat HSD is likely a big part of the problem.

Higher activity of HSD means a higher rate of fat storage in your trouble spots. HSD activity is genetically determined and until recently only blocked using drugs.

However, recent research into compounds known as flavonoids proves that HSD can be blocked naturally using common foods. In fact, one food
in particular contains a substance known as polymethoxylated flavonoids or PMFs and can reduce HSD activity 500% more than other flavonoids!

In Phase 1 you will DEACTIVATE your HSD levels using our exclusive DRS Cleanse. This simple nutrition plan will accomplish three crucial (but often overlooked) fat loss functions:

You WILL NOT have to exercise during this phase. In fact, if you have been exercising hard up to this point I want you to stop all activity that would be considered “working out”.

Instead, you have the option of doing some simple and easy movements (like walking). You can expect very significant fat loss during this first phase (despite the lack of intense exercise).

In fact, you may find that you lose all the fat you need to during this phase….

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Click here to get Trouble Spot Nutrition at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Trouble Spot Nutrition is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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