Fatty Liver Case Study cb | Blue Heron Health News

Fatty Liver Case Study cb | Blue Heron Health News

Product Name: Fatty Liver Case Study cb | Blue Heron Health News

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Fatty Liver Case Study cb | Blue Heron Health News

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I’m not sure what was more distressing about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Finding out that I had it?

Discovering that it led steadily from fatty liver to fibrosis to cirrhosis and then to liver failure, a possible transplant or potential liver cancer?

Or was it the unexpected – and shocking – realization that, in fact, there’s no medical cure for fatty liver disease?

That there are no ‘anti-fatty liver’ meds?

No treatments? No procedures?

That doctors can’t help was certainly the last straw.

Instead, they advise ‘eat more healthily’. Whatever that means.

And, ‘get more exercise’.

And, ‘drink less alcohol’.

Basically, the advice they give every patient for every disease…

I worried constantly about how bad my fatty liver might become. How it might slowly progress into something far more serious.

Because whatever caused my fatty liver was only going to make it worse if I didn’t do something about it.

Given the lack of help from the medical profession, the question is, do what about it?

It’s here. Take a look in the short video below:

Of all the memories I have about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) two stand out most clearly:

I have to admit, the journey between having NAFLD and no longer having NAFLD wasn’t an overnight one.

And, a couple of times, I was worried sick about what the condition might turn in to. Because as I quickly learnt, it often doesn’t just remain as it is. If you don’t address it quickly it can lead to far worse – and potentially deadly – conditions.

But there is a way to reliably deal with NAFLD.

When I eventually found out about it, well… That made all the difference, not only to my liver health but also to everything else.

Now my liver is fat-free – and it’s going to stay that way. Although when I first went to my doctor I didn’t realize this at all.

I’d gone to her complaining of feeling tired and fatigued.

I thought anaemia or something similar might be the cause for my tiredness. The truth turned out to be considerably more concerning.

My doctor told me she suspected I had fatty liver disease. I was sent for tests and, a long story cut short, the ultrasound confirmed it. I had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. And everything that was likely to go with it.

I’d gone to the doctor feeling tired. I came out with a serious disease. However, the bad news kept coming…

Your liver is one of the body’s unsung heroes. The work it does is essential to our very existence. It transforms food into usable nutrients, stores these nutrients, and provides them to cells as and when they’re needed.

It also neutralizes toxins – ‘toxins’ is a medical term for ‘poisons’ – either by converting them into harmless substances, or by making sure they are eliminated directly from the body.

24 hours a day our liver takes in unclean blood, filters it, refreshes it and then releases clean blood back into your body. We never think about our liver. Thankfully, our liver is always thinking about us.

But if it suddenly can’t clean your blood properly… then what?

You can’t go to the supermarket for some fresh stuff. If our livers are struggling to do what they are there to do… then those toxins start to build up

So if you suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease you have my deepest sympathy. Because that’s exactly what is happening to you.

It’s what I went through too: a liver becoming steadily more fatty… its ability to keep me healthy becoming steadily more difficult.

Fatty liver doesn’t just get better on its own. Much more worryingly, if we don’t address it there’s every chance that it just carries on getting worse.

And when I say it gets worse I mean it gets really, seriously worse. You know what I’m referring to, don’t you?

Well, if you haven’t seen this before then perhaps first you ought to be sitting down.

There are four recognized stages that your fatty liver can move through:

a build-up of excess fat in the liver that, initially, can be relatively harmless – but only if it stays like this. But if you don’t address the problem… it has little reason to stay harmless.

Nonalcoholic steato hepatitis (NASH)

A more serious form of fatty liver where there is inflammation in the liver. This is caused by not properly addressing your fatty liver when it first started being fatty.

The persistent inflammation at the NASH stage leads to scarring of the liver tissue.

Ongoing scarring of the liver has caused it to shrink and become lumpy. The damage is permanent, irreversible and can will lead to liver failure and liver cancer.

So the insight here is clear – and it hit me like a lead weight:

I don’t actually have some static, unchanging condition called fatty liver disease.

What’s really happening is that as a sufferer of fatty liver you’re moving through this disease, slowly transitioning from one stage… to a worse one.

In other words, the disease we’ve currently got is only today’s snapshot of a process that’s underway in our bodies. It’s the disease we could end up with that’s the real cause for alarm.

And this isn’t an exaggeration. Liver disease is taking an increasingly worsening toll on our society. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of deaths caused by liver disease and cirrhosis has risen every year since 2007.

Worse, fatty liver is associated with an increased risk of other serious health problems – including kidney disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

So I suddenly found myself with a disease that is now among the top 15 causes of deaths for Americans.

When I first saw all this I panicked a bit. I felt this was starting to look like some sort of death sentence. LIke I was on a conveyor belt being carried to a horrible future.

Then I calmed down. I took some deep breaths and engaged my brain.

I knew what I was going to do.

I was going to find out which were the most effective meds and then speak to my doctor about them.

I would examine my options for treatments in case my fatty liver became even fattier.

And I’d see who the best surgeons were if, goodness forbid, things went really bad and, perhaps, I’d need surgery to trim off the fat.

All good plans, I thought.

Now I had to let that sink in for a few moments.

My doctor looked quite grim when she told me that the only safe way to reduce the fat in my liver was to change my lifestyle.

Lifestyle had caused the damage. Lifestyle would have to fix it. There are no drugs for this.

No medicine to drink. No tablet to take. No pill to pop.

I couldn’t accept that. There’s a pill for everything – if only to relieve some of the symptoms.

She told me vitamin E had been used in some of the more serious fatty liver cases.

But it has to be used in doses that are 40 times greater than the recommended safe level.

Scientists are still trying to work out what such excessive doses are likely to do to the rest of your body.

Even worse, vitamin E isn’t tackling the cause of your fatty liver, only its symptoms. So if it is effective at all it only last while you’re basically over-dosing on it.

So my choices were pretty stark:

I could take lifestyle measures to reduce the fat.

Or I could just let it progress – and so work its way through the 4 stages I just described. With a possible terminal condition at the end of it.

My doctor told me I would have to lose weight, eat more healthily, exercise… and so on.

That’s good advice generally but… what does it actually mean?

What is healthy eating? To me it usually means eating salads and going hungry.

I went online to nail this down this healthy eating business – and I found such contradictory information that after an afternoon of searching and reading all I really learned was ‘eat less sugar, eat more vegetables’. That’s about all anyone could agree on.

On top of that, I have to admit: I’m an average cook. I don’t want super complicated recipes and meal plans that have me in the kitchen for hours on end.

And I’m not an exercise sort of person either. I lead a busy life and I want to spend my spare time relaxing – not lifting heavy weights at the gym or running endless hours around the park.

I don’t want liver disease. I don’t want liver cancer. I don’t want to die.

So I knew that doing nothing was pretty dumb. And, if nothing else… I’m not dumb.

But what’s the best thing to do to get rid of fatty liver disease? In my opinion, the doctors were drawing a blank. ‘Eat healthily’. ‘Lose weight.’ ‘Don’t drink’. And so on.

There was an old health forum on the internet that I used to browse some time back when I had a back problem. There was occasionally some good advice there.

So I went back to it and searched for NAFLD. There was a small fatty liver discussion group there… not that active but I decided to post a question anyway.

‘What’s the best thing to do to get rid of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?’

I got a few generic ‘lose weight!’ replies.

But then one day somebody posted a short but simple message that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

They had cleared their fatty liver problem completely – as in, no fat left at all – by following a lifestyle program created by someone called Julissa Clay.

It was called The Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Solution and they said they no longer have fatty liver because they followed that program.

They didn’t say much more. A few comments about how you make gentle adjustments to your lifestyle until you were doing everything necessary for that fat to disappear….

I didn’t really need to read any more. The program arrived in my email inbox about 6 minutes later.

And that’s really the first lesson to this whole fatty liver thing.

It’s not a virus. It’s not an injury. It wasn’t caused by some external event.

It was me who did it. And Julissa Clay’s program helped me realize it would have to be me who resolved it.

Her program, The Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Solution, was my only ally in the effort to get back to health. And it worked.

By the time I had read a quarter of Julissa Clay’s strategy I already knew so much useful stuff about my condition that I was just itching to put it into action. My improvement started that day.

Instead of ‘eat more healthily’ or ‘stop drinking alcohol’ Julissa takes a practical and straightforward approach to restore liver health for good.

In The Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Solution she describes the ‘3 pillars of liver health’. These are the fundamentals of restoring your liver to its fully healthy state.

The 3 pillars do their work quickly and – if you stick to them – for good.

But what I loved about all this – being a complete beginner – was not just that Julissa gave me a thorough education in liver health.

Her 3 pillars described exactly what was necessary to put it right… and then she gave me a step-by-step plan to follow so I could actually do it.

Now, I don’t know about you but when I first saw those three words alarm bells rang!

I don’t like diets – I’ve never managed to keep to one and, to be honest, I never intended to try one again.

And movement… I’m not lazy but I am very busy. I don’t have time to spend an hour in the gym or run endless circles around the park.

And detox? I’m not into fads at all. It just isn’t me.

Turns out I was wrong on each count. Check this out and you’ll see why I was able to handle all this – and why I still do it today, even a year after my liver all-clear.

In the first place, Julissa’s solution is made for people like me.

People who aren’t stupid but who might not be on board with all this self development stuff.

People smart enough to know they have to act if they want to be healthy… but who need guidance to know how to act.

So here’s some detail about each of the three pillars – you’ll hopefully see the sense in this and, perhaps, realize why following it means I no longer have a fatty liver.

Let me run through Julia’s three pillars for you now.

Now detoxing conjures up lots of strange images – weird foods, odd potions, strange diets…

Actually, done properly, you barely notice you’re doing it.

We detox for one important reason: modern living puts into our bodies more chemicals than our bodies can sometimes handle.

There’s a cocktail of nastiness hidden in foods, toiletries and common household products that you and I wouldn’t even consider.

Because our liver can’t get rid of that mess at the rate we create it we have to store some of these poisons in our bodies instead.

If we don’t detox then those stored toxins build up and create potentially serious health problems. Only a healthy liver can get rid of them… but my liver then – like your liver now – wasn’t healthy. It was diseased.

So detoxing simply means giving your body – especially your liver – the time and space it needs to start getting rid of all that nasty stuff.

So this is proper, non-faddy detox that does just that. It’s…

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Originally posted 2022-10-02 01:44:47.

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