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Obsession Phrases

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Send these 5 ‘Mesmerizing Phrases’ to any man who was backing away.

Almost Immediately – He will lose interest in other women and will ONLY care about chasing you.

These phrases act like a drug because they inject OBSESSION CHEMICALS straight into a man’s heart.

Making him want to CHASE YOU so badly that he just can’t stop it.

Shortly, I’ll ask you to text 5 “Obsession Phrases” to any man of your choice.

Actually try it on that man who has been ignoring or otherwise overlooking you.

The moment a man reads it.

The “Obsession Chemicals” will get injected into his bloodstream.

Making feel a surge of OBSESSIVE ENERGY coursing through his body.

Flowing up his neck, down his spine, along his arms and, the rest of his body.

He feels energized, tingly, and extremely excited at this stage.

Then he’ll enter IN A STATE OF MIND where he can do anything for you.

Initially, He’ll Start With Relentlessly Calling, Texting And Messaging You. 

Next, he’ll insist on SEEING you and won’t give up until you’ll say YES.

Until, he will CHASE after you for days upon days, weeks upon weeks and months upon months.

Because of this, I need you to be somewhat cautious.

His brain will be overflowing with so much OBSESSION CHEMICALS.

That he just can’t be UN-OBSESSED.

Almost like he is in this DEEP DESIRE TRANCE that he cannot come out of.

How Do I Know For Sure?

Well, I gave it to a woman named Helen.

She used it on a ladies man who had never committed to ONE woman ever.  

Nearly instantly, This man was overcome with so many feelings for Helen that he was unable to put it into words. 

He always had other women in the picture but he just stopped.

As sudden as that, Helen was all he could think, hear, and talk about.

I saw Cindy use it on a man who never answered her texts…

In a flash, he had no goal in life other than trying to get in a relationship with Cindy, and nothing was going to stop him. 

In fact, once you use this on your favorite man and make him WAIT to hear back from you.

He Will BECOME Obsessed To CHASE You, Over, And Over And Over Again.

Laura tried to do this with her man who slipped into the arms of another woman.

And he called her like there is NO tomorrow. Desperate to impress her.

He kept talking to her non-stop and won’t let her hang up.

You won’t hear about this anywhere else.

Not in a magazine, on the radio or on the news.

I’ll tell you EXACTLY why.

Maybe it’s a tad bit controversial.

But the women who know this have pledged to keep it a LIFELONG secret.

My name is Matt and I am sharing this with you for a very personal reason.

Allow Me To Share An Embarrassing Secret With You.

Being in the fashion industry. I was constantly getting “hit on” by lots of women.

But hey, I wasn’t exactly Mr. Commitment.

So I kept everything short and sweet. How short?

It was rare for me to see a woman more than once.

I met someone named Kelsey.

We met almost by accident on a dating APP.

We met for a drink and honestly, she wasn’t my type.

I mean, she was just a little on the plain side and I knew, I wouldn’t go out with her a second time.

But it seemed like she liked me from the very start and was very eager to see me more often.

Being my usual self back then, I just ignored her texts.

She was relentless at first and won’t stop texting me.

But one FINE DAY. She just stopped.

I finally felt… Somewhat satisfied.

As always, I was back on the dating bandwagon again.

I was out at a club and had this gorgeous blonde staring at me with the expression of a hungry lioness.

“Hi, I’m Amber.” she said, extending her hand to me.

“Are you new here?” she asked.

Before I could even respond, my phone lit up with a text message from Kelsey.

As I Read It, I Felt My Body Was Jolted By A Strange Yet Very Intense FEELING.

I rubbed my eyes and I read it, over and over and over.

I felt blood rush to all corners of my body.

I won’t lie but it felt like I was possessed by an other-worldly force.

Next, I just couldn’t stop myself.

I felt drawn to CYNTHIA like I had never been drawn to another woman before.

I couldn’t stop myself from calling her. I couldn’t stop myself from asking if I could see her tonight.

When we met, I tried being my normal self.

But it was like my body wasn’t under my control.

The only thing I could do was to just GIVE IN, and I did.

I pulled her closer and the next thing I knew, I just didn’t know how to let go.

I don’t know how or why, but I held her so close for what seemed like an eternity.

I Felt Like I Would Go Crazy If I Let Her LEAVE.

IIt just didn’t stop there.

Over the next few weeks, I felt like I was in LOVE for the first time ever.

Actually, it was a LOT more than just LOVE.

I felt a kind of desire which knows no limits. It knows no end.

No matter where I was. What I was doing.

Just one text from her and it was like my body was zapped by a thousand watt current.

And within seconds, I’d feel like I needed to CHASE her again.

Like I couldn’t do it any other way.

One evening, Kelsey and I were cuddled up together.

“Why is it that whenever you text me.”

“It is like my body responds, my heart beats.”

“I get a huge URGE in my stomach almost urging me to be near you as SOON as possible.”

“And I am always left YEARNING for the next kiss, the next touch, the next caress.”


I don’t believe in miracles OR magic.

But this one thing was nothing short of MAGIC.

Kelsey told me that a little bit ago, she was invited to a secret underground seminar held by a man named Scott.

Scott isn’t your usual everyday man.

Not only was he a hypnosis expert, he’s actually a man of great mystery and secrets, hidden from the prying eyes of the world.

In that particular seminar, he REVEALED a highly secretive method.

What was this exactly you ask?

It is a series of emotionally charged phrases.

These phrases are known to enter a hidden part of a man’s brain triggering a huge FLOOD of OBSESSION CHEMICALS.

Within moments, this man will experience a sensation that is indescribable.

And will FEEL the greatest URGE of his entire life to CHASE after you.

Try It On Him Anytime, Anywhere Or At Any Place.

In fact, just text this to him and forget about it.

He might be busy at the office and suddenly he’ll FEEL the URGE to CHASE after YOU.

Or he might be merely taking a walk, ends up reading your text and VOILA.

This enormous URGE to “CHASE YOU” comes over him.

It doesn’t stop at just that.

Because now his mind will repeatedly play messages LIKE…

“I need to meet this woman or I’ll go crazy.

“She must be the one”

“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for”

“I’m ready to propose to her”

Hey. If you want to have some fun. You can try to ignore or avoid him for a bit.

Yet. He’ll be waiting and waiting and waiting for his opportunity to seize your attention.

And SCOTT Demonstrated This Magic Live Right In Front Of Everyone.

When he made a client named Anita try the “OBSESSION Phrases”.

Anita had fallen for this MUSICIAN.

This guy had a massive female following.

He went out on a few dates with Anita until he just GHOSTED her.

He just stopped answering Anita’s texts and calls.

Scott made Sally send 5 texts to this man back to back.

Scott gave Anita a few text’s.

And in less than an hour.

This man kept texting Anita over and over again. He wouldn’t stop.

“I really do need to talk to you.”

“I am just missing you DEEPLY and I want to see you again”.

Kelsey secretly documented the entire seminar, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to see it again.

Here’s What She Discovered About Why The “OBSESSION PHRASES” Works So Well…


It is a basic instinct of nature.

Just like breathing and eating, this is a fundamental URGE present within every man.

Fact 2- There are some Special phrases and texts known to trigger this very IMPULSE TO CHASE, causing any man to chase you right away.

Just hearing one of these phrases causes the male body to jump into ACTION.

These phrases inject a strong dose of the “OBSESSION Chemicals” into his body.

Once this IMPULSE is triggered.

Obsession Hormones enter every cell of his body and induce an INSTANT OBSESSIVE episode.

He will feel a never ending DESIRE for you all day, every day.

If you directly ask him he won’t be able to describe it in words.

Because His Entire Body Becomes Alive And Willing To Do Anything You Want.

So all you have to do is this…

Step 1 – Pick a guy you’re currently interested in.

Be careful and be very sure about this man, as once he’s obsessed, it will be very hard to stop it.

Step 2 – Send him 5 texts back to back.

Step 3 – Sit back and watch the magic unfold.

It worked so fast. So easily, and with so much accuracy.

That Kelsey was now addicted.

She would just go around and try it on all kinds of men.

One evening Kelsey was chit-chatting with her friend Stacey.

Stacey pointed out how she had been on numerous second and third dates but none of the men would ever stick around.

Kelsey Made Stacey Try The “Obsession Phrases” On This Particular Guy.

And in like 20 minutes, he was practically begging for an opportunity to meet Stacey again.

He kept saying – “I know I sound kind of desperate. But I NEED to see you again.”

“I can take a day off from work tomorrow if that’s fine by you”.

And it just didn’t stop there. They met the next day and right after the date he wrote…

“It’s just less than 30 minutes since we were together and I am missing you already”

This was too much fun for Kelsey.

She was having an absolute blast.

But then, was asked to do something even more CHALLENGING by her other friend Amelia.

They were chit chatting over a cup of coffee, when Amelia said – “Kelsey, I know all this is cool. But it can’t work on every man”.

“Do you have someone particular in mind?”…Asked Kelsey.

“Well I do know this one guy”…said Amelia.

“He is the cover model for our company and ladies droll over him in droves”.

“And…I like him a lot.”

So just for fun. Kelsey made Amelia try the “OBSESSION Phrases” on him.

The interesting thing was.

They did it at a party where this man was literally surrounded by tons of women.

Amelia and Kelsey were hiding in a corner keeping a watch on this guy.

Amelia then hit the “SEND” button and both of them watched him closely.  

The moment he read the text, they literally saw the color of his face change.

In a huff, he got away from every woman who surrounded him and pulled a chair at a corner table.

In 10 mins, Amelia’s phone started buzzing.

“I am feeling pulled to you in such a wonderful way I don’t know how you did it”

“I’ve been looking for you. Are you at this party?”

And he just IGNORED every other woman and wouldn’t leave Amelia alone.

Amelia told even more women and the word got out.

Initially. Kelsey shared this secret with the women closest to her.

But she knew something was up when her phone began ringing over and over.

Then the messages and emails started.

So many “friends” of friends, and random women started approaching Kelsey.

This new wave of attention was making KELSEY a bit unsettled but she wanted to SHARE this.

So she did the next best thing.

She took the entire thing she documented during the seminar along with her own personal notes and discoveries.

And she created a personal website where you can get INSTANT to this secret 5 minutes from now.

Obsession Phrases – Mesmerizing phrases that cause men to chase you

And that’s the good news.

But did I tell you about the bad news?

Kelsey will close access to this secret rather early.

only wants a small number of women to have access to it. The one’s who truly need this and won’t misuse it.

Since you’re on this page, I know you probably NEED this.

So get super excited because here is a small taste of what you’re about to discover…

Do you know about the “Everlasting Attraction Phrase”?

Use this just once on your favorite man and he’ll try to convince you that he’s the RIGHT ONE for you.

This gets him STUCK in a RUSH of irresistible force that draws him to you 24/7.

Even if you play a little hard to get, he’ll want to prove to you that he can love you like you’ve never been loved before.

Discover the “Whiz-Bang Phrase” which makes him see you as the most important person in his life…

You will literally consume his thoughts, his waking and sleeping dreams.

You’ll be the centre of his life, his focus for hours at a time.

And will CRAVE you so DEEPLY just…

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All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Obsession Phrases is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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