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This is me. Dawn Sylvester.

I’m 60 years old…and few people would guess it.

It makes me laugh a little when my son’s 20-something-year-old friends can’t believe I’m old enough to be their mother…

The 30 and 40-year-old, young women who think I’m their age…

And, the women my age who ask me whether or not I’ve had surgery.

None of them realize that I avoid diets like the plague, and have not stepped foot on a treadmill in over a decade – Or, that I used to be heavy and embarrassed about my body as you’ll see in my picture below.

You see…what women really want to know when they meet me, is how I’ve figured out how to stay as young looking, lean and energized as I am.

And, that’s what I am about to share with you because…it wasn’t always like this for me. 

Cardio, cardio, counting and cutting calories… and more cardio. Back in the 80s that’s what we all did to the point of having zero energy, zero tone, zero results and actually aging our bodies faster in the process.

The truth is that most women are still stuck making these same mistakes and aging rapidly.

Here I am in my 30’s when I did hours of cardio and lived on diet foods, miserably trying to cover up my weight gain and flab with hoodies and layers.

It’s unreal how many years I wasted in the gym, on the treadmill and following the latest diets when I was supposed to be feeling and looking my best.

When I think back to the day after Christmas years ago when my boyfriend broke up with me and I found out he was seeing someone else, it crushed me. 

So, I did what most women do when they want to lose weight in the quest for a firmer looking body…

I decided to count every calorie, and started exercising every day. 

While I thought I was “coping” with the breakup by trying to get in shape with dieting and more cardio,  

I was actually causing my body to work against me, making me miserably tired and depressed.

Little did I know that these common mistakes were taxing my adrenals and thyroid, depleting my muscles, 

and making my body store fat due to the hormonal distress.

And ladies…have you ever been mad at your guy because he can lose weight so fast, or see changes quicker than you?  There’s ONE reason that you’ll find out below, so please stay with me til the end.

Thankfully, the stars aligned when I dragged myself into the gym once again, determined to exercise the weight off after not eating all day.

And that day I met someone that lead me to this breakthrough that you will read about below.

If you think aging isn’t fair for women, I used to think the same.

And, to be honest,  I didn’t always look or feel like I do now.

It isn’t your fault that you feel stuck. I thought I was stuck too.

It’s time for you to stop thinking you need more exercise and less food.

Because nothing could be further from the truth.

You’ll be able to reboot your dead metabolism with this simple technique you can do at home,

to start slowing down the aging process while firming up the flab from your trouble spots.

Hey… as women we feel that life has thrown us curveballs and that we’ve lost control.

We are pressed for time with juggling life, families, and jobs, and seem to have no time for ourselves.

With my metabolic boosting sequences that you’ll get access to below, you’ll be able to reshape your body and burn fat instead of storing it — faster than ever!

Imagine embracing the age you are (you’ve earned it,) and feeling confident that you look and feel younger, while never putting on another pound – with something you can do without leaving home.

It’s not about “good genes” It’s about good habits.So let’s get started with some truth bombs.

The real metabolism killer is way more subtle.You actually may have lost your shape because a certain metabolically-active tissue is blocked – and disappearing at a rapid rate.

And, every time you diet and cut too many calories, or even exercise too long…you deplete more of the only tissue that keeps you younger looking, and firmer.

*This is also what men have that helps them lose weight fast, and keeps them looking younger – longer.

Have you ever wondered why men can eat what they want and never gain a pound? Or, change their diet and exercise program and see results in a week?

Did you know women lose about 8-10% of their muscle mass per decade after 30? Then it more than doubles by the time you hit 50! 

No wonder we get flabbier and lose all muscle tone.

This is when the accelerated aging process starts to happen and your metabolic rate comes to a screeching halt.

And, if you’re making the same mistakes that most of us make, you’re actually sabotaging any chance at a firmer body with a faster metabolism. 

Now…the older you get, the harder it is for your body to generate THE most important element of youth.

**However,  when you shift to using this metabolic boosting program,  you’ll change whether you burn fat or store it – and everything about your shape and how you look will change.**

Hi! I’m Dawn Sylvester, women’s anti-aging and body transformation coach.

I have been coaching women using my methods to boost metabolisms and reshape their bodies to look and feel younger for over 20 years. And at 60… they still work for me too! (Ask my husband that is 11 years younger than me;))

Working with me, you’ll be able to:

Someone recently saw a picture of me in a bikini and joked, “Put your clothes back on Dawn, 

you’re putting the 20 year old girls to shame!”Personally, I feel like women in the second half of our lives deserve to feel confident while looking amazing.I want to help you remove all of the obstacles that have kept you stuck and believing that your body is too old to change, because I know differently – and I’m excited to share it with you.

Imagine everyone noticing your results quickly, and the look on your husbands face when you put on that sexy dress that you haven’t worn in years. He may actually not want to leave the house after all!

Many of my clients see results within the first 2 weeks when they use my metabolic boosting program and it keeps getting better from there. Let me introduce you to Lisa.Lisa came to me suffering.

She was doing what nearly all of us have done… making the same mistakes over and over – and blaming themselves for failing.

It’s not your fault that we were fed mistruths and lies!(Here’s a Secret!) =Your body composition predicts if your metabolism is working or not.

And, you’ll see why how much muscle you have, can predict whether you’re going to burn calories, or store them.

After Lisa started my program, this is what she had to say:

Here is Lisa for the first time EVER, wearing a bikini 

and weighing less than 130 Pounds!

“I cannot tell you what a difference you have made in my life! I NEVER in my LIFE thought I would be wearing a BIKINI at age 54. I am headed for vacation and can’t wait to hit the beach without a cover up!! And sit in a chair without a towel over my stomach, and walk around the pool without worrying about my jiggly thighs. And, did I mention, not have to starve myself?? YES! I see toned muscles! I have some arm muscles now and ab definition! It’s like I have a new body!! My legs are definitely less ‘wiggly’ and I feel stronger. Dawn, You do good work!”-Lisa Gilbert

I know you’re skeptical about turning back the clock, let alone change how your body looks. And I get it.And, possibly you have tried exercising for hours, paid expensive coaches, and gone on trendy diets. So did I.

I didn’t have any idea that I spent years ruining my metabolism…and messing up my hormones! 

These days it’s maddening for me to believe that your doctor won’t tell you about the ONE thing you need that’s the key to reversing aging and never having to follow another diet!  

Mine never told me either. And when I found out the truth, I made it my mission to share it with you.

I get it. As I mentioned, in my early 30’s I did everything I could to lose weight and get toned after my tragic experience and breakup –  and it’s most likely what you’ve done for years too. 

There was a time that I was so bummed out about how I looked, and annoyed with everything I had tried,

His advice? Without even looking up from his clipboard and a wave of his hand he said:“You need to exercise more and eat less. Oh, and stop stressing about it so much, that will make it worse.”All I heard was “you’re going to look like this forever”. I wouldn’t let him see my shame as I looked away to hide my tears. 

Unfortunately, asking your doctor how to look or feel younger is not the answer. 

This wasn’t a medical issue I was having at all, and my doctor was not going to help! 

It was a “premature aging” issue, and a metabolism that was basically turned off for some reason!After gaining 12 pounds in less than 2 months, I fired my doctor and started researching.

Cardiovascular exercise has its place…but too much of it can actually deplete muscle and accelerate aging.And, a strong heart doesn’t create a firm body….but a great metabolism can.

I’d been doing the same diets and workouts forever when I experienced a day in the gym when the stars aligned and I met someone that changed my life.

She was the substitute teacher in my aerobics class. And, she had the firmest body I’d ever seen on someone that looked like she could be my age. (later on I found out she was a little older!)

I decided to stay after class and ask her what her secret was.

She told me it all had to do with raising your metabolism “just like the guys did”, and not working harder or more. And, get this.

She never did cardio or counted a single calorie! What?! I was skeptical, but all ears now.

 She actually used all these fancy words like “afterburn,” and “resting metabolic rate.”

All I knew was I had to do something different. Because what I was doing for years wasn’t working.

So with those ideas the solid science I started reading about …I put together a program of my own. 

My body felt tighter, more toned and my clothes started to fit differently!

The crazy thing was I stopped going to the gym, and started a new shorter routine.First,  my friends started asking me what I was doing because I looked happier.Then, they told me the best thing I could ever hear.They told me they couldn’t believe how much younger and better I looked. 

After years of trying to hide excess weight and feeling flabby doing useless cardio and starving myself – I got results faster and discovered something that finally worked and women needed to know!

7 Minutes of these Specific Movement Patternsare what will Burn Fat, Tone your Bodyand Restore Your Broken Metabolism

Unfortunately, your metabolism has been turned off, and that’s why you’re looking and feeling older.It’s like your bad situation is getting worse but you keep repeating the same mistakes.

**Meanwhile, you keep getting and following super bad advice that you may have tried below**

None of these address what’s going on INSIDE of your body at a cellular level as you get older.

I’ve seen women that look older, with little confidence and zero strength that seem older than their age.

Here’s a quick test to determine if your muscles are weak, and your metabolism is turned off… AND if you’ve hit the “accelerated aging” stage.

What you’ll do is…stand up straight with both feet hips width apart.Without holding onto anything, try to pick one foot up about 6-12 inches off of the floor – now hold that pose.

 So I ask you. Can you hold this pose, or are you shifting and putting the foot back down?

If you can hold this position with one leg up? You are strong with tight buns, a strong core, and balance!

But for those of us who are aging fast and weak?

We probably sway a lot and risk falling like an older woman. Or, can’t balance due to too much belly fat in front.Actually, this inability to stand on one foot is a predictor of how fast you are aging!

When you cannot balance, this means you have soft and “dead” muscles in your entire body… especially your core and buns.

This is one way to tell if your metabolic rate is switched off – the other is by how you move, feel, and look!

Body composition reliably lets you know how healthy or weak a person is, and how much muscle you have according to experts is a predictor of how long you will live. Not may live..but how long you will live.

Excess body fat leads you to the path of obesity related illnesses. Especially if it is around your belly.

We lose half our muscle mass by the time we’re 60, and it starts in our 30’s…

and if you don’t know how to hold onto what muscle you have and build more…your entire body is eventually going to be more prone to weight gain, flab and obesity related disease.

Other women your age may look 20 years younger than you. That’s because they have toned firm muscles on their body. 

And I don’t mean big dude like muscles, I mean feminine firm…

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7 Minute Ageless Body is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

Originally posted 2022-08-18 22:18:28.

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